Can I Buy A Car If The Auction Starts In Several Minutes?

30 Oct

Found a car to buy, but the pre-bidding on this vehicle is already closed? There is still a chance that you can get this vehicle!

Firstly, make sure that you have enough deposit to bid on this car. For such cases we recommend to deposit your Auction Export account in advance. Please note that the minimum deposit amount is $400 or 10% from the “BID/BUY NOW” amount and for “Phone bidding” option as well. To take part in BIDGoLive real time bidding you should place $1000 or 10% from the bid amount.

Even if the “Pre Bidding is closed” you can click “Join Live Auction” on the vehicle profile page and make a bid by yourself through our BIDGoLive site. After you will click on the button “Join live auction”, you will see the sale process in the opened window. If the auction is in progress you can bid on your car until you win it.

Picture 1

If the car does not take part in a Live Auction, you may see another buying option, such as “Phone bidding”. By clicking on the “Phone bidding” you will send your request and our sales agent will contact you several minutes before the auction starts.

Picture 2

In the case there’s no option to take part in the auction, you can send your request to the Sales Department to: Please indicate your maximum bid amount and the vehicle VIN # in your request. As an auction usually has several lanes with cars that wait for their turn, your sales agent will check if the car is not sold yet and bid on your behalf.  Otherwise, you will be proposed to choose another vehicle from our inventory. Auction Export has more than 250,000 cars available for sale, so you definitely will find the best one for yourself.